Get involved

The voluntary wing of the Conservative Party works across the country to help the Party win elections. They run their local Associations and freely donate tens of the thousands of hours of their time every year to help the Party.

They campaign – delivering leaflets or canvassing voters during election campaigns and they are also the people who raise the money to run the Party across the country, through membership subscriptions and holding events, sometimes hosting these in their own homes.

Almost all the Conservatives who work for the Party do so on a voluntary basis because they believe that the achievements of the Party’s aims will make Britain a better place.

In each of the six Oxfordshire Parliamentary Associations, our volunteers are knocking on doors, talking to voters, and getting the Conservative message out there.

Our volunteers are the heart of our party and our mission to keep the economy strong and help working people get on in life.

So get involved today, make great friends along the way, and help secure a brighter future for Britain.

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