OWACA Luncheon Club

Monday, 24th June 2019
12 for 1245

 at the Principal OXFORD SPIRES  HOTEL (new title)
M o n d a y, 24th J U N E 2019 – at noon for 12.45 p.m. sit down
guest speaker – our Jenny Burrage ‘Creative writing’
Dear Member,
 I have much pleasure to invite you to our third luncheon of the year,
 it is still important to keep up our record of good support and attendances - 

cheque books at the ready!

Our member, Jenny Burrage is kindly acting as our guest speaker,

Jenny is part of a group of creative writers who have just published a book of stories 

based on Boswells, Oxford’s oldest independent department store.
Jenny will bring books for us to buy at the good value price of £8.99p.

I am sure Jenny will be happy to sign them as well.
Our next luncheon will be on Monday 23rd September, by popular demand, 

Barnaby Lenon will be our speaker. Last year, as a former Harrow master,

you will remember he spoke on ‘Churchill’, this time ‘Education’.

Barnaby is a high profile presenter, do come and support him –

pay attention you at the back.
The committee and I look forward to welcoming you on 

Monday 24th JUNE towards a good attendance please.
kind regards,
Pat Jones – chairman
Tickets are not posted, just  collect  your place card on arrival to choose  your table.

if arriving by car, you must register your car at the Hotel reception to avoid a fine.
contacts: mobile 07 9 70 24 34 75. bt 01865 249 756 ext. 224 (work).
 email: patgj1@gmail.com
Royal mail: 29 (twenty nine) Abbey road, Oxf0rd OX 20 AD
  enc. 2019 Cheque payable to OACLC for Luncheon at the Oxford Spires Hotel  MONDAY 24th JUNE 2019.
  x  .............3.course meal/s with coffee at £26.00 per head ... £.

  guests - full name and title at £26.00 per head  .. ...   ...   ...    £.
  include a voluntary donation  (OWACA/Oxford East) .. ... ..   £.   5.00 thank   you
  OR, I am unable to attend - donation enclosed    ...   ...   ...    £.
Menu: Pressed duck terrine, fruit chutney, melba toast..Herb rolled salmon, bubble and squeak, hollandaise sauce..Berry mess jars..Coffee or tea.