Oxford West & Abingdon

The Oxford West & Abingdon Conservatives are working all year round to represent the issue and concerns that matter to local people.

On top of supporting our councillors in Abingdon Town Council, Vale of White Horse District Council and Oxfordshire County Council.

The previous Conservative MP (2010-2017), Nicola Blackwood was first elected in 2010 with a majority of 176. In 2015, she was re-elected with a landslide majority of 9,852. She was elected Chair of the Science & Technology Select Committee by MPs from all parties from June 2015 – July 2016.

On 3rd August 2018 Oxford West and Abingdon selected James Fredrickson to be the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate. For more information on this please contact nathan.boyd@oxfordshireconservatives.com 

We welcome new members and supporters to all of our social and political events. Get in touch if you would like to find out more or get involved – contact us by email: owaca@oxfordshireconservatives.com

Oxford West & Abingdon Conservatives