OWACA Luncheon Club

Friday, 25th January 2019
12 for 1245

For our first invite of the year, I am updating you with a few sea changes:

You will be pleased to know that our venue in the hall level Cardinal room remains unchanged,

however, for March, June and September we meet on the last Monday of the month, the last

Friday remains for January and November.

The caterers have increased the meal by one pound, which I have to pass on, our ticket is now £26.00.

Car-parking: due to wrong information from the reception desk last November, members received parking

fines, which were cancelled, just carry on as before by logging your car reg. onto the device at their desk.

Having to re-jig our speaker dates and awaiting a confirmation, I quote ‘a mystery speaker’ should that fail,

we could hold the AGM, which may have to be postponed until March regardless.

The committee and I look forward to welcoming you on Friday 25th January and trust our new dates will not affect our good attendances and support along with family and friends.

Thanks to your support we had a good 2018, I trust that it will continue.

kind regards,

Pat Jones – chairman

tickets not posted,  just  collect  your place card on arrival to choose  your table.

contacts: mobile 07970 243475. bt 01865 249756 ext 224 (work).

 email: patgj1@gmail.com

Royal mail: 29 (twenty nine) Abbey road, Oxford OX 20 AD

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  enc. 2019 Cheque payable to OACLC for Luncheon at the Oxford Spires Hotel  FRIDAY 25th January 2019.

  x  .............3-course meal/s with coffee at £26.00 per head ... £.

  guests - full name and title at £26.00 per head  .. ...   ...   ...  ...£

  include a voluntary donation  (OWACA/Oxford East) .. ... ..   £   5.00 thank   you

  OR, I am unable to attend - donation enclosed    ...   ...   ...   .. £


Menu: Mushroom and Spinach fricassee.

Pancetta wrapped Chicken, fondant potato, parmesan cheese sauce.

Sticky toffee pudding, warm toffee sauce.